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ERP integrates all aspects of the manufacturing industry with state of the art technology as follows: Graphical user interface, client-server technology, n-tire architecture, object-oriented technology, user-defined Information Technology Consulting, EDI, Web-based connectivity to all external parties with holders organization that includes suppliers, customers, distributors etc.

ERP handles all aspects of knowledge organization. Sales & Marketing, Procurement, Finance, Inventory, Human Resources and Payroll, Production, Production Planning, Quality Control, Maintenance, Management and Visitor Management Module etc. Sometimes it may not be possible to carry out a comprehensive program in one fell swoop, but you can start with the basic essential modules and at the later date, if necessary you can upgrade the system by building the upper or implement independent modules of their choice.

ERP Benefits:

  • Provides support for business growth
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enables better decision making and forecasting
  • scalable and flexible solutions that provide future changes
  • Provides a centralized framework for all business processes
  • Better inventory tracking

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