Facebook Advertising Services

Facebook users fill in a lot of information about themselves, starting with basic information like where they live, their gender and their age etc. Advertiser can be quite specific when deciding who to buy Facebook ads for.

He/she likes different pages, has different interests and is part of a network of friends, all of which is vital information when you'r planning to advertise on this social network. This information allows a Facebook advertiser to target exactly the right people and advertise the product or service to the right demographics. And the best Facebook ads always have a well thought-out plan starting with the design of the ad, via which demographics to approach, to the best way to analyze and take care of the traffic once people start clicking through on the ad.

Facebook Marketing Strategy:

  • Segmentation
  • Ads Optimization
  • Scheduling Your Campaigns
  • Managing Your Budget Wisely
  • Tracking Your Results

Facebook ads are purchased on an auction basis, where advertisers are charged based on either clicks or impressions. There are plenty of different ad formats offered, and in this guide we will try to give you a structured view of what opportunities you have as an advertiser on Facebook.