Pay Per Click Management Services

The pay per click services is probably in the top of their list of possibilities. PPC marketing allows you to bid on keywords to ensure that the search engine ranking higher. You pay the bid price each time someone clicks the link. Because you only pay for results, is an effective and often affordable to drive traffic to your site.

Pay per click services at affordable prices. You'll pay less per click, as they include critical SEO on your website. PapSys Technologies group have a qualified professional who can manage effective PPC campaign for a website.

The use of PPC services can save money, the biggest benefit is the save time. Have professionals available who can handle the details for you and you can be sure that your campaign gets offer to a great start.

PPC Methodology:

  • Research on the target market
  • The research on keywords and phrases
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Creation of landing pages
  • Optimize the landing page
  • A copy of the ad creation
  • Budget setting
  • Set Campaign
  • Creating profitable campaigns
  • Regular monitoring and analysis of the campaign

What we do?

Analysis of Competitiveness:

Analysis of business competitors is an essential part of the PPC campaign. Competitive analysis is an assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of current and potential competitors.

Market Research:

Market research is essential for efficient updating of strategies and processes with current fluctuations in the demand structure of the field of business. We are experienced in giving priority to their expectations about the needs of traffic using diversified strategies of market research.

Keywords Selection:

Keyword selection and the objective has always been a challenging task for webmasters. Oriented keywords can bring an excellent conversion of a website. Our experts analyze the business and collect various specific keywords that help your business to get the conversion and potential customers.

Keyword Bidding:

keyword bid is a key factor in the PPC campaign. Directly affects the position ad, click (CTR) on search engine results pages. A process of bidding strategy can save the monthly cost of advertising and give more conversion.

PapSys technology experts constantly monitor your ads and the bid price for each keyword and date according to market conditions. This tool allows other tools to automatically configure your campaign and keyword bidding.

ROI of the Campaign:

ROI is return on investment is a performance measure to evaluate and compare the efficiency of investment in relation to its output in business. ROI helps to analyze the cost benefits of a concern.

The Benefits of PPC Advertising:

PPC providers like Google and Yahoo generally state that PPC advertising offers the following benefits:

  • PPC advertising is very fast to implement
  • PPC advertising for businesses of all sizes
  • PPC advertising is cost effective
  • PPC advertising is measurable

If these benefits are realistic?

PapSys technologies give below an independent view on the benefits over the PPC said. Do not use PPC advertising to promote any of our services, but this is only because we also offer SEO services and believe that any company offering SEO services you need to use PPC to increase your sales.

PPC advertising is immediate:

PPC is much faster to implement than most other forms of advertising. It is very quick to respond to changing market demands or changes in company situation and campaign budgets can be increased or decreased or stopped almost immediately. PPC can be disabled or reduced quickly if the number of orders and inquiries it receives is too high.

PPC advertising is measurable:

The Internet makes it very easy to measure and quantify the real benefit of PPC advertising campaign as a whole, but every part of the campaign. This is usually done by adding tracking code to the website but there are other methods and if this is not possible. PapSys technologies used both methods to monitor and continuously improve the performance of different client campaigns.

PPC Advertising is Cost Effective:

In the short term, PPC advertising is usually one of the most profitable forms of internet advertising, especially when the offer prices in the industry are low. However, in some market segments, fierce competition has led to bid prices so high that the cost of generating a sale is more than the profit of that sale.

PPC Advertising offers potential for small businesses:

Pay Per Click advertising allows small and medium businesses to compete successfully against large national and multinational companies. PPC creates a level playing field for small businesses, and by careful choice of the parameters of your PPC ad can show above those of large companies or multinationals.

PPC advertising is best for your web site?

The fact that PPC advertising is so quick and change settings, and the fact that it is easy to obtain measurable results means that you can quantify whether a route is good publicity for your website.

Contact us for a realistic assessment of the benefits of PPC advertising for your business.