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PapSys Technologies a professional Website Designing company based in India Bangalore, We offers a wide range of Web Design Services. PapSys Website Design Company specializes in basic Website Design to a wide range of Website Design India. PapSys Website Design experienced team follows a set approach to ensure we give you the best design that speaks out for itself and scores well on usability and professionalism.

Website Designing is always considered as the creative professionals who persistently come up with the ideas that make the webpage unique. Website designing is the result of creativity and ingenuity of the designers who puts their innovative thoughts aligned with the requirements of the clients in designing the webpage.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design:

We specialize in search engine friendly website design as well as improvement that is SEO ready from the actual start. we can assist you improve your online presence by employing intelligent on-page SEO strategies that will work in your site's favor.

Everything is Usability:

In the modern day a website is the face of a business. We take our clients understanding of requirements, offering and target market into consideration. Our Website Design team then implements this understanding which results in Designs that are appealing, easy to navigate and use.

We design and develop a website keeping in mind all this:

Usability for Design and Layout

  • Keep everything close. No matter how complex your directory structure may be, there's no reason any page should be more than three clicks away from the home page.
  • Catch your errors.
  • Make a custom 404 Not Found Page
  • Don't mess with Scroll Bars!
  • Make content printable.
  • Plan before you Build
  • Keep a consistent look and feel throughout,
  • Scrolling: keep it one-directional and preferably vertical.
  • Keep the page simple.
  • Be careful with animations & marquees.
  • Make links obvious. Don't use the same font settings and color to make links visible only on a mouse-over.

Navigation Related Usability

  • Use consistent intuitive navigation
  • Consistent navigation and search feature present on each page are among the most important usability tools we can offer to a website visitor.
  • Don't disable the "Back" button
  • Cookie crumbs are good to help visitors know what page/section of your site they are on.
  • Home page link: Always have a consistent link to the home page
  • Back up fancy navigation such as java applet, flash DHTML & javascript with appropriate text links & sitemap
  • Build a Site Map
  • Remember that the homepage is not the only entry page to the site and make it clear to users which page they've landed on and where it exists in relation to the architecture of the site.
  • Redundancy in Navigation.

Improving Readability

  • Write for the Web. You need text- but remember to break it up into easily skimmed topics. People will read a newspaper from front-to-back but tend to skim and jump around on a website.
  • Proofread
  • Beware of Background Images:Background images are dramatic and eye-catching but unless you really know what you are doing, stick to a plain background, especially behind text.
  • Arrange elements on a page carefully.
  • Use resizable fonts
  • Use a san serif font
  • Use bold for emphasis
  • Use italics for emphasis.
  • Avoid full justification.
  • Text should be easy to scan, and adjusting line-height may help.
  • Make sure that there is enough contrast between text and background.
  • Use whitespace on a page in margins, to keep text from getting too close to edges and borders.
  • Using short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and headings
  • Spacing out Content

Usability Search

  • Ensure that every page has a search box,
  • Make sure the search box is long enough
  • Capture the visitors search queries to a log file

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