Website Maintenance ServiceS in Bangalore

PapSys Technologies provides professional website maintenance Services. Website Maintenance Services by third party can substantially reduce your costs by eliminating the need to hire full time web design professionals or web develpoment programmers. Website maintenance basically refer to your website up to date updations of company news, latest products adding, latest developments, investor relations, company results, etc.

Website maintenance is quite vast. Maybe you already have a website designed in-house or by other designer and you need help fixing a few things, or maybe you tried to do the updates yourself and things didn't work out as well. We can help you maintaining such sites. Website maintenance includes all aspects of website designing and development.

Best Website Maintenance Cost Per Hour and Monthly

Website design and elements handling include:

  • Company news updates
  • Home and page Inner content changes
  • Adding new pages to the website
  • Removing or Adding links
  • Modifying content and graphics
  • Product details changes
  • New Product additions
  • Adding new interactive components to the website
  • products Price changes
  • Employee details changes
  • Designing and Modifying newsletter
  • etc.

How to Placing a Service Request:

These requests are placed preferably by e mail and can also be placed through telephone. Once the Service Request is sent to us, a member of the Website Maintenance and technical support team will do it:

Service Request Prioritization:

You can indicate the Service Request Priority while placing a request, indicating the level of impact on the application and on users as appropriate.

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